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POS - Point of Sale Software for all type of Retail business - ePOS-Live

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Product Description

(POS Software Details)
 ePOS-Live is a complete Point of Sale Software that is just perfect for your business and it enable to track and maintain the inventory, Sales for your company.

 General Features:

 Informative dashboard
 Support different type of business
 Integrate with accounting package (Account software SMB)
 Easy to use for day-to-day operation
 Multi system supported
 Item scanning With Bar Code Scanner
 Bar code generate functionality (Scan-able via scanner)
 No limit for Barcode length (e.g. 3 to 15 etc)
 Bar code can be Number + Alphabets
 Cash management
 Cash register, Keep complete history of every counter incoming and outgoing cash.
 Tax calculation (Fix and %age)
 Different type of users with different set of permissions. (e.g. Admin, Cash counter user etc)
 Easily configure features to match your business needs.
 Data backup/restore feature to keep data safe
 Customizable layout of ePOS

 Multi Branch Features:

 Support multiple branches
 Access any branch from anywhere
 Monitor your outlets even from mobile phone
 No any Special “VPN”
 Use it with ordinary internet connection
 Supports unlimited outlets
 Transfer stock of one outlet to other outlet / store
 View day to day activities of all outlets
 Create inventory for particular outlet from anywhere.

 Sales Features:

 Cash sales
 Credit card sales
 Sales on instalments
 Complete sales history
 Sales history by customer
 Sale hold option
 Customizable invoice
 POS invoice
 A4 Invoice
 Discount supported (Fix or %age)
 Print receipts for customers
 Invoice templates, create your own type of Invoice
 Different invoices for different type of transaction / Sale type (e.g. Cash sale, Credit sale)
 Different categories of product available for different user (can be all or selective)

 Inventory Features:

 Inventory management:
 Inventory import & export
 Inventory managed by Category and their Type (Category: Grocery and Type: Rice)
 Inventory ordering management.
 Inventory expiry date
 Inventory Box
 Inventory kit (Sale two different inventories as a single inventory) e.g. Shampoo with Conditioner
 Manage Inventory Damage
 Inventory Serial number support (Especially for electronic products). Single inventory have many different serials. E.g. (Mobile Phone, Nokia 830 has same barcode, but IMEI is different for every set)
 Inventory "Batching" (Especially for Pharmacies)
 Support wholesale price and retail price.
 Alerts for inventory out of stock
 Auto order for out of stock inventories
 Alert for item kits
 Attach picture with product
 Activate / deactivate any product

 Supplier / Orders Features:

 Keep supplier record (Supplier management)
 Maintain supplier ledgers and have complete history of transactions
 Keep track of outstanding bills. (Amount payable)
 Generate Purchase Orders.
 Order Receive
 Keep track of what was the Purchase order, and what we received
 Auto update the inventory quantity with “Order Receive”
 Keep track of complete purchase order history with particular supplier
 Order Return
 Cancel orders

 Customer Features:

 Customer Management
 Complete history of customer accounts
 Find balance mismatch / Anomaly with just a click.
 Maintain and alert for customer credit limit.

 Tailers Features:

 Support tailor master functionality (Complete process cycle)
 Keep track of tailor master weekly payments.
 Keep record for suits outfit design and measurements


 Comprehensive report for order, delivery status and advance payments.
 Sales Reports with different filter and parameters
 Inventory Reports with variety of filter
 Order Reports
 Cash Reports
 Reports: Daily/weekly/yearly sales, cash reports, receivable and payable report

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