How to Sell Online on Sasti Dukan

Sell Products Online In Pakistan

How does it work?

  • 01 Register or Login with existing user
  • 02 Add your products you want to sale online
  • 03Take some rest while your company and product details will be validated by our team
  • 04 Once approved, Product start showing on our website
  • 05 Buyer check the details and create an order
  • 06 Orders will be validated by our support team
  • 07 Check Orders, Ship the product and collect the payment

Sasti Dukan Make the online shopping much more easier, you can sell your products online in pakistan by just adding your product to sasti dukan, the largest growing online shopping website.

Step 1 - Registration for New Companies

If you are not a registered company on sasti dukan, create a free account Create Company Account. Fill out the basic details and become a registered seller. You can use this account any time in future to manage your company's products on the largest growing online shopping website.

Step 2 - Login with existing Users

Login to your existing account Login Here.
NOTE: If you are a registered member and did not find and confirmation email yet, Please use forgot password option.

Step 3 - Add Products to Sell Online

With your company's account, You can add unlimited products to your account Add Product Now.
NOTE: While adding your product, please add realistic description of your products and add the photos of your product. This will increase the chance of sale.

Step 4 - Product Listing Confirmation

Once you add your products, Our quality team will review your product listing and approve it. Once it approved by our team, it is available to all buyers that come to the site.
NOTE: Approval may take 3 - 6 hours of time. Quality team have the right to update or modify your product listing. It must be realistic description.

Step 5 - Selling of Product

Buyer on the site see the details of your product online and buy your product by adding to his/her cart. Once the order is confirmed by the buyer, you will be notify via email that you have got a sale.

Step 6 - Product Delivery

Once the order is confirmed, you have to deliver the product to the buyer address wihin 24 hours. Buyer addrees is available on invoice. You can see the status of your sale.

Step 7 - Payment Collection

By delivering of the product, you will get the payment from the buyer. As it will be the payment on delivery process.